Having a pet is not that bad. Their children enjoy, they bring variety at home and are very sweet and charming, but Image of catthey also have their own requirements and care needs. The biggest problem for anyone who has a dog or a cat or both is cleaning the hairs from sofas, chairs and any other upholstered furniture. These hairs can be a terrible torture to clean, not to mention how easily the vacuum cleaner clogs.


That is why it is not recommended to use an inexpensive vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt from animals. Better go for more specialized cleaning, because even after you go with the vacuum cleaner, hair is almost always left and will never be perfectly clean. There are many professional companies such as SYK Chelsea Cleaners that will clean your home as if you never had pets.

How do we act to get rid of all animal dirt with a single cleaning?

For starters, you can read the following rows with tips for effectively cleaning pet surfaces.


  1. Get your pet out of the house

Image of dogTo be able to clean everything right, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the dog or cat for a while. Some of your friends can go out for a walk with the puppy , but the cat may be more problematic because the only thing that suits you is to leave it to your neighbors for a few hours. Hardly anyone will refuse to look at the cat for 2 hours. However, you should use this time as much as possible so you can clean up every place.


2. Sofas, beds, chairs, and so on

We always start from the top floor of each cleaning. If you can bring the soft furniture to the terrace or outdoors, make it compulsory, before you have dampened it so that all the junk can fall out. Pass them with the vacuum cleaner to make sure you have spawned the maximum amount of your pet’s hairs. Once you have passed them with these tools, leave in the sun so that the smell can penetrate. There is a much bigger difference from clean furniture and dirty ones. Leave the windows open to allow any small particles to come out.


3. Look for special appliances for cleaning animal hair

Naturally, a simple broom and shovel can help you, but the difference is huge when using a special brush or solvent. You can also try the pet scrub brush, but do not push hard, do not split the soft surfaces.

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You can also search for special hair care products. There are such, not so expensive, but their results are definitely different. If you can remove the cloak of anything on your dog or cat were sit and you can wash it – do it. You will get another smell and another color of the tissues it is worth trying if your animal is plucked a lot.